“ProE is Amazing!! They provide stellar products. currently at 22lb weight loss after a couple months and energy levels are soaring after taking her customized supplement regimen.  I highly recommend ProE to assist with your weight loss goals and overall well being”

- Michelle L.


"Thankfully, after a few weeks, I started to feel more energy and sleeping better. I had more drive and could think clearly. I was able to organize my work in a manner, while the load remained the same, I streamlined my process in order to complete my tasks with less stress and time, all of which I could not do before. I was able to play soccer again, a passion I've had all my life." - Paul R.



"Prior to being diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, I didn’t sleep well, woke up several times a night and also woke up sluggish & tired, which didn’t help my mood.  Once diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, the supplements and guidance provided by ProEssentialsMD helped me sleep better, have more energy in the morning which also helped to improve my mood.   I don’t know how I could ever go back to the lack of sleep & the low energy that I had without these supplements."

- Wendy J.


"ProE has not only helped me finally lose weight, I've saved a fortune in junk products that really didn't work - and those late night take-outs. I've gained muscle!I’ve recommended them to many family and friends, who have seen my transformation."
- MS



I met Dr. Ramona Hunt Taylor about  3 years ago and she has been a huge part in my successful healing with Hodgkins lymphoma. My white blood cell counts were low due to chemo so she gave me pro immuno which helped tremendously and brought my wbc count back up to where it needed to be. I also take the magnesium which has worked wonders for me. My eye and muscles used to twitch due to lack of magnesium and no longer do since taking magnesium! 

Last but not least I am taking the pro Energy plus vitamins since I lost all of my hair. My hair, skin, and nails were compromised from the chemo and these vitamins have been magical! My hair, eyebrows and nails are better than before the cancer!! Thank you Dr.Hunt for helping me get back to my new normal. 

- Jackie

I feel better and have more endurance, I think I haven't gotten a cold nor flu because of the pro immuno and pro vid. I would also like some  super amino BCAAs. if you still have some in stock. I know they sell out fast! They are great!!

-Attorney in 50's

As a cancer patient with a pre-existing condition that limits my intake of certain fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber content and nutritional value, I need to do whatever I can to improve my overall gut health. Taking the Probiotics by ProEssentialsMD regularly helps me achieve this and better tolerate the side effects of chemotherapy and its potential toxicity to my intestinal tract. Based on my experience, I highly recommend this as a nutritional supplement.