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Natural Supplements that treat the root cause of many illnesses.

Meet The Founder


Ramona Hunt, MD.   Founder & CEO ProEssentials MD.

Ramona Hunt, MD.

Founder & CEO ProEssentials MD.

Ramona Hunt, MD is a hybrid physician practicing Family Medicine as well as Functional Medicine. Her curiosity in the root cause of disease processes and her passion for alternative medicine, led her to explore and design a company centered around whole person care through the utilization of the highest quality nutraceuticals.

One of the 8 places in the world and the only place in the US designated as a "Blue Zone" where several studies have been done on centenarians (individuals that live and thrive to over 100 years old) is where Dr. Hunt resided, studied, and had a Vision for the company over 25 years ago.

Years of medical research study on nutraceuticals and a vast clinical experience at Johns Hopkins University, Emory Adventist hospital, and the Mecca of Health Loma Linda University, Dr. Hunt has developed specific approaches that correspond to optimal vitality for all life's stages. Whether it's in the post-operative period, athletic performance enhancement, menopause, andropause, or overall simple healthy well being.

Motto: "Give the body what it needs from nature and it will thrive optimally."